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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can stair lifts be installed on any shape of staircase?

Yes. We have a variety of stair lifts that will fit almost any stairs. In the Atlanta Area, we have seen a variety of staircase configurations ranging from 'straight run' or 'L-shape' to 'sweeping curve' and also staircases that have a turn at the very top of the flight, with triangular-shaped steps at the turn. Atlanta Stairlifts has installed lifts on all of these configurations.

2. What is the lifting capacity of stair lifts?

The lift capacity for our stairlifts are as follows: Sterling 950 - 265 pounds, Sterling 1000 - 300 pounds, Sterling 2000 – 250 pounds.

3. Is there a need to have rewiring done in my home?

No. The stairlift’s battery charging power supply simply plugs into the nearest outlet.

4. Can a stair lift be installed if there is a door at the top of my stairs?

Yes. We have installed all models of our stair lifts with doors at the top.

5. Does the rail attach to the wall?

No. The rail is designed to attach to the stair tread with feet periodically spaced. By keeping the rail on the stairs ensures the utmost stability and the minimum protrusion into the hallway.

6. What is the expected life span of a stair lift?

Modern stair lifts are very durable and reliable pieces of equipment. All our stair lifts are built using the very highest quality components and workmanship. You can be confident that our stair lift will give many years of faithful service, provided the equipment is maintained appropriately.

7. Can other people still use the staircase?

Yes. All of our Stair Lifts have foldable armrests, footrest and seat so that it does not obstruct your staircase.

8. Is there a stair lift for someone who cannot bend comfortably at the hips or knees?

Yes. The Perch Stair Lift allows you to use your stairs without having to strain your hip or knee joints.

9. I have narrow stairs, will a stair lift fit?

Yes. We can fit you with a lift if the stairs are at least 26 inches.

10. How long does it take to install a stair lift? How disruptive is it?

It only takes a few hours to install a straight Stairlift because the stair lift is attached to the stair treads, not to the wall.

11. What happens if there is a power outage?

Our Stair lifts are battery powered and will continue to work even in a power outage. A fully charged battery will complete approximately 20 return trips.

12. How long do the batteries in a Stair Lift last?

There are several factors involved in the life of a battery but the short answer is about 3 years. We have seen batteries last in excess of 5 years.

13. Why is an adjustable seat height so popular?

Factory settings are usually a compromise and the ability to change the seat height to suit individual needs can greatly improve the comfort and safety of the ride. Another compelling and popular reason is that the seat height can be set to make sitting down and standing up so much easier. Adjustments can be made at the time of installation or a later date.

14. Why are there so many variations and options?

No one person and no one house is the same. We don’t sell scooters, elevators, dumb-waiters or ramps. We are Stair Lift Specialists so we can concentrate on assisting you in receiving the proper options to meet your needs.

15. Can I lock the stairlift to avoid misuse from others?

Yes. Our stair lifts have an on/off key that puts you in control of who uses the lift.